About Dream Italia’s Founder

Hi, Elizabeth Montana here. I am the founder of Dream Italia. To learn more about my background, and to view my Italian colleagues, please visit the About page, http://www.dreamitalia.com/about.html,  on the Dream Italia website.
Elizabeth Montana in Tuscany

Elizabeth Montana in Tuscany

Since my first trip to Italy when I was 17, I developed an insatiable love for the people and places of this magical land. I lived and studied in Florence and through my experiences and personal Italian connections, I develop customized boutique tours for small groups to allow others to experience a deeper interaction with this enchanted land.

With a background which includes working as a travel agent, set decorator in film, international trade show, meeting and event organizer, and with my lifelong love of Italy, and by taking many of my own “dream” trips throughout the country, I bring my own special touch to insuring your trip is full of your own wonderful memories and the beauty and richness of Italy. http://www.dreamitalia.com/index.html 

Rustic Tuscan Cooking Tour

I have had many requests for insight into what goes on behind the scenes in a boutique tour developer’s world. I love what I do, and while my work is immensely rewarding, it also involves lots of hard work!  My goal in developing immersive tours to Italy is to provide a transformative experience for my guests. So I am always scouting for those experiences that have the ability to transform. The people who go on my tours are normally extremely interesting and open to new experiences. One of the things I love about my work is meeting and forging friendships with such a delightful array of people, both those who travel with my tours, and the Italians we meet along the way. http://www.dreamitalia.com/testimonials.html 

On tour in Florence. Elizabeth with guest, Lisa, from Los Angeles
On tour in Florence. Elizabeth with guest, Lisa, from Los Angeles

I put a lot of work into each itinerary so that there is a good balance of free time and guided time. While some people tell me the tours seem effortless, believe me, there are hours (months), spent achieving that result. Having superb partners in Italy makes my job a joy in so many ways. My Italian partners, Elena and Giovanni, are like family to me and they treat each guest with compassion and share their expertise brilliantly. Would you like to come with us to Italy?  http://www.dreamitalia.com/escorted_tours.html 

Elizabeth in Positano, Amalfi Coast.

Elizabeth in Positano, Amalfi Coast.


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