Posted by: dreamitalia | March 5, 2008

Director’s Cut

We had a terrific turnout for the showing of the film classic, Cinema Paradiso, on Saturday night. Thank you to all who supported this event and Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood. We do appreciate your support and it was our great pleasure to host this unique event. 

First we enjoyed delicious sushi from Sushi Den, the icon of sushi restaurants in Denver, accompanied by the wines of Balistreri Vineyards who handcraft their wines in the tradition of their Sicilian ancestors, and wines from the Reserve List wine shop. So many interesting people attended and it was fun to talk to each other about traveling in Italy, Italian films, The Italian language (we had some Italian language teachers and students in attendance) and much more. Our energized audience then settled into our seats for 2 hours of laughter and tears. About 30 of us continued the party after the movie at Izakaya Den, where we talked about our favorite moments in the film, and how closely the atmosphere at the Cameron Church mirrored the atmosphere in the theater in the film. Due to popular demand, we will be presenting more Italian movie nights! Details will be announced in the near future, but I can tell you this much, the next one will be on a summer evening, outdoors at Balistreri Vineyards. Stay tuned!

Cinema Paradiso Director’s Cut
We showed the American movie release version of the film, which is 2 hours long, however if you ever get the opportunity to rent the Director’s Cut version, which runs almost 3 hours, it is well worth the time, and provides so much more “back story”. Film buffs will find this an interesting comparison. In both versions, the award winning director of the film, Guiseppe Tornatore, makes a cameo appearance as the projectionist in the final scene in the film. My husband and I watched the Director’s Cut the day after the showing, and I must tell you the room was flooded with our tears.



  1. I am so sad we missed it! Cinema Paradiso is one of my favorite films. Good tip on the Director’s Cut for it, too. But we’ll be there for the next one.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Jim! We missed you and will look forward to seeing you at the next Italian movie night. We will keep you updated!

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